Thursday, October 27, 2011

Market Update!

Hello City Greens shoppers and supporters!

Come by and visit this week, we've got a nice selection of produce to choose from. We've got your squash (4 kinds), eggplant, green beans (really good snap bean variety), zucchini, green tomatoes (fry 'em up, very tasty!), GREENS (mustard, swiss chard, arugala), apples, radishes, turnips- and MORE!!

And of course all of our staple dry goods and pork products... as well as chickens this week! And try some of our cheese and pasta.


Tomorrow, Friday, come to our market as you normally do- but follow the signs to shop outside at our MOBILE MARKET!! It will be set up in our parking lot, and if you come as you normally do- you won't miss it. We'll be having a lot of fun, celebrating the beauty of fall- the nice crisp air- while helping everybody have access to tasty, affordable food! Plus if you haven't actually shopped at the mobile this season, than you can see what it is all about :)

Also enjoy the cooking samples and Halloween Health fair going on at Midtown!

Hope to see today or tomorrow everybody!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

City Greens Shoppers!!

Hello All!

What a great last couple weeks we've had folks... with the additions of pecans, rice, pasta, and cheese to the mix, our market is preparing for a strong fall finish- as well as setting us up for consistent goods for all during our winter months. (FYI- no more cheese this week, but next week Tuesday-Friday we'll have it!)

As a reminder, we're open tomorrow (Friday) from 11-5, and we still have a great selection for everyone to choose from. LOTS of farm fresh eggs, apples, radishes (including diakon radishes), peppers (green, hot peppers, bananas), watermelon (possibly the last of the season...???), varities of greens (mustard, chard, kale), turnips, eggplant, potatoes (red and yukon gold+ kennebec), squash (acorn, butternut, spaghetti, yello), zucchini, and more!

Our meat freezer is stuffed full of tasty, chemical free/ free range meat (BACON!, ground pork, pork chops, bratwurst, pork sausage, Italian sausage, chicken, ham steaks, etc...)

And we've got some wonderful fall/winter soups- like our vegan pumpkin spice (which we've been sampling today... very tasty), mushroom soup, red velvet (tomato soup), onion soup...

Of course our staple dry goods: jelly + jam, honey (flavored + raw), canned pickes (spicy + sweet), canned green beans (spicy + regular), canned beets... and MORE!!!

Hope to see you all soon... Thanks for all of your support :)

-City Greens Team