Wednesday, February 8, 2012

City Greens Produce... Open Thursday from 11-5!

Hello Loyal Shoppers!

As always, thanks for your dedication to our market. The winter version of City Greens has remained as busy as we were in the Spring and Summer, and it is YOUR support that is allowing us to continue supplying healthy, local produce to a community that truly needs it. Thanks :)

Our meat fridge is fully stocked this week! All of our staple pork products are in, including bacon, brats, Italian and Andouille Sausage, ground pork, pork sausage, ham steaks, and pork chops. Have you tried our grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef? If not, the returns have been very positive- so now is the week. At 4.50/lb., for that type of quality meat, it's hard to beat! ** We will have our Amish raised chickens in NEXT

NEW THIS WEEK: Not necessarily new, but back from a hiatus... BROWN RICE (non-GMO)... WHEATBERRIES... and our very popular WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR. Come early and snag some large TURNIPS for something fresh this week, as well as SHIITAKE and OYSTER mushrooms! And yes, still got some squash for ya... more spaghetti squash... And plenty of eggs to feed you and your family.

We have a fresh stock of our organic, fresh pastas in from Mangia Pasta. Buy some Marcoot Jersey Creamery cheese to go along with it and make a City Greens Mac 'n Cheese!

What can I do with wheat berries you might ask? How about taking that, along with City Greens organic pecans, and making this tasty looking dish:


If your parsley is multiplying wildly like mine this is a delicious healthy way to take advantage of that – or just purchase it at the market; it’s fairly inexpensive. Your Mediterranean kitchen will be emitting aromas that will draw hungry appetites. If you want to make this recipe serve more, just add more wheat berries; it will work nicely with up to double the wheat berries. This recipe serves as a vegetable serving, starch serving, and a protein serving; and it has a very nice flavor. You can use the pesto with pasta, fish, breads, crackers or vegetables – be creative.

2 cups cooked wheat berries or See directions below.
3 cups water if wheat berries are not already cooked.
¾ cup pecans
2 cups parsley (packed)
1/3 cup grated Parmesan
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoon lemon juice
½ teaspoon salt, or as desired
1 tablespoon minced garlic
If you don’t have cooked refrigerated or frozen wheat berries, cook 1 ¼ cup raw wheat berries in 3 cups water for about an hour to 1 ¼ hour, until desired tenderness. Toast pecans in a skillet, until just beginning to brown. Combine all ingredients except wheat berries in a food processor: process until smooth. Stir wheat berries and pesto together and carefully heat over a low heat in a saucepan or in a covered casserole dish in the microwave – the microwave is an easier method.

FYI- Wheat berries are excellent providers of dietary fiber. The nutrients are left untouched since they are not processed and provide us with folic acid, protein, B-complex vitamins and vitamin E. The wheat grass acts as a cleanser and is rich in Vit.A,B, C and E along with other minerals. It is supposed to have anti-aging capabilities. 

Come in and check out our pancake recipe using our whole wheat flour!

We hope to see you at City Greens on THURSDAY from 11-5!!!!

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